The Garage Building Process


Concrete slab maintains a four inch thickness across the surface and features beams that measure a minimum of 12-inch x 12-inch. A moisture barrier is laid down; steel rebar is set 18 inches on center and in a grid pattern across the form. Rebar is elevated with “chairs” to insure that the steel will end up in the center of the 4-inch concrete slab. Beams are dug to a depth below the original soil line to eliminate the chances of surface water undermining the slab and causing it to fail.



Once the concrete is tamped down and floated level, and anchor bolts are set in place, a power trowel is used to achieve a fine smooth finish on the slab.


All framework is done in 2 x 6 #2 Southern Yellow Pine, enabling every wall to accommodate plumbing or electrical. All wall supports (girts) and ceiling supports (purlings) are set 24 inches on center and are placed narrow side to the sheet steel for the maximum strength. This type of framing allows for readily available roll insulation to be applied for an R factor of 19 of better, and makes the job easy and inexpensive.



A treated bottom plate sits on top of the slab and bolted by anchor bolts set in the concrete approximately every four feet. Vertical supports are double thickness 2 x 6 and are fixed to the slab utilizing H2DA Anchors, which are bolt bolted to the slab and lagged into the vertical support studs. Double 2 x 6 top plates and lintels support engineered wooden trusses, which are fabricated using steel gusset plates.



Each truss is engineered for the span and load desired for the particular building that it is to be used in.


Exterior Finish

Sheet metal used is a 26 gauge painted steel of the buyer’s choice of colors, and is installed by professionals for the maximum strength and durability. Sheets are pre-drilled for accuracy. Painted steel screws, not nails, are used to affix the sheets to the wooden frame, and seal from leaks by virtue of a rubber seal on the back of the screw. Trim used to finish the building include painted ridge cap, gable trim, peak boxes, corner trim, J trim, and a special trim designed by Steel Garages and Shops to cover the garage door trimmer boards. (Those boards that seem to always rot out at the bottom of the garage door frame)

The manufacturer warrants sheet metal and trim paint for twenty years. Colors available are:


Red Banner Red Crimson Red
Deep Blue Blue Deep Green
Green Marine Green Mansard Brown
Brown Burnished Slate Light Gray
Charcoal Gray Light Stone Tan
Gold White Ivy Green

Each color available may be used for walls, roof, or trim.

Construction details

  • Full 4-inch thick, steel rebar reinforced concrete slab
  • Minimum beam in slab 12-inch x 12-inch
  • 2 x 6 wood frame, providing a 6-inch thick wall
  • Girts and purlings on 24 inch centers, not 48 inches
  • Engineered trusses with steel gussets
  • Heavy 26 gauge colored steel
  • Weather stripping on all overhead doors
  • Overhead door headers and trim boards are covered from the elements using matching painted steel
  • 20 year paint warranty
  • One year unlimited warranty
  • Steel overhead doors installed
  • 3-foot x 6-foot 8-inch steel clad walk through door installed
  • Steel joist hangers secure all 2 x 6’s to the structure
  • Steel HD2A anchors secure the frame to the slab
  • Specially designed closures seal all spaces between the steel and the frame
  • Your choice of colors for walls, trim and roof